About MultiMuse

MultiMuse is built for Creators by Creators - but can be used by Everybody!

Established Creators, Aspiring Creators and Loving Fans all have a way to find their Muse. Einstein once said “Creativity is Contagious, Pass it On” - and that’s exactly what we strive to accomplish...

Not only are we the most fun management tool ever built, but also the most innovative funnel to connect with friends and fans about progress.

Make Your Masterpiece. Take control and make discoveries by publishing project updates to the homepage. Projects grow and engage audiences before they’re even completed. Spreading Creativity and Documenting the Journey.

One For All & All For One! We’d be foolish to forget about friends and fans... MultiMuse is where your favourite creators are producing the best projects in real time. Discover and follow projects you’re interested in from the homepage and search bar - share the best project updates to other platforms!

We are the first social platform where creators can express themselves freely!

Procrastination free, Judgement free.

Stay Tuned!