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Watch & participate in the world's progress.

Become involved in how your favourite people, brands & groups are progressing in real-time, all from your phone. Our mission is to give everyone a voice in how the world moves forward. Join the Interactive Involvement movement today. 

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Your chance to say
"I played a part in that"

Some Involvements are shared to allow people to participate in a bigger picture objective, that may have a start & finish. Some are shared as a one-time thing that was thought up in the moment, some are important and others are just silly. But no matter what, they all give people a chance to participate in a simple, fun & meaningful way. 


MultiMusers share Involvements to invite people into what’s happening, or what should happen. This isn’t just connecting with pretty photos & videos, it's connecting by allowing people to play a part in something.

Move forward together by sharing Involvements

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